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Is Locking the Front Door Sufficient?

03/28/2014 Back To Blog

Some perpetrators have the nerve of picking front door locks, especially if these are not of the best quality or pretty old. Though, most intruders would prefer sneaking at the back of the house trying to find an open window or damaged locks to work in the dark. They prefer to invest their time in poorly maintained garage doors, loose window latches or climb a tree or a ladder to enter from the wide open window.Is Locking the Front Door Sufficient?

Basic steps to secure your home

Having excellent security door locks installed at the front door is required. Official statistics have showed that perpetrators will just kick down a poorly secured door, especially if they suspect that no one is in the house. Though, you must not put all your money at front doors only. After all, what's the purpose of deadbolt installation at the front door of the house if the back door is secured with only a latch? Perpetrators will just use another entrance and rest assured that they always go with the easiest target. They want to break-in as fast as possible and go unnoticed. So, they will prefer the dark alley at the side of the house and prefer to climb a ladder than alarm the whole neighborhood with noise coming from drilling a door lock. The solution is simple.

  • You most definitely need lock rekey if you move to new homes.
  • Make sure all entry points are secured with good bolts. Invest even in those you think highly unlikely for break-ins.
  • Don't forget to reinforce window security with extra locks, alarm systems or even burglar bars.
  • Add extra bolts in French doors and sliding ones to reinforce resistance provided by the rod.
  • Make sure all doors are made of hard solid materials and so are the window frames.
  • Have the window and door locks replaced as soon as you feel they are getting old and not sufficiently strong.
  • Make sure the garage door is maintained and the door walking into your house is locked at all times.
  • Don't leave any part of your house without motion lighting detectors. Intruders will hate you but that's the whole point!
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