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Your security needs are addressed by our team of experienced locksmiths. To understand more of our services, please read below

Do you know how to choose extra security systems? Find out more about your options and learn how master key systems work.

How does a master key system work?

Master key systems are useful to big buildings. There's usually one master key (in some cases several), which opens all doors and is usually handed to the superintended according to our specialists in Fountain Hills. Every tenant gets one change key, which opens only one specific door.

What other security systems are there?

Apart from having good security door locks installed, you can also install alarm systems at all entry points, especially at ground floors. You can also install wall panels in the house that will warn you if someone is breaking in and CCTV systems all around the house.

What are the chances of me getting locked out?

It depends on what measures you take. To avoid a house lockout, you must keep duplicate keys in safe places and in your bag and never exit a property without carrying your keys. Key replacement is also necessary to avoid lockouts due to rusty keys.

What is the role of bolts?

These are basically the parts that fix the door to the frame. They can also help the locks to function better by reducing the pressure on them as you open and close. Make sure that you do not skimp on the quality of bolts.

What’s the risk of the key breaking inside the lock?

When both are in good condition and you use them carefully, the risk is minimal. It increases considerably when the key is bent or the lock is dry. The risk of the key breaking is also higher when you exert too much force on the bow while attempting to unlock the door. Clean and lubricate your locks and check your keys for damage regularly to avoid this kind of accident.

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